Hey there true believers! It is time to blow your mind! I am releasing this immaculately psychedelic 8 color silk screen print on Monday AUGUST 5TH!!! At NOON Pacific time! 18X24 inch vision of epic savagery! It comes in 2 editions..one is the prints that were not damaged in their shipping to my studio, which will cost a $100 in an edition of 39. ( Thanks Fed Ex, ye transporters of ill repute!) The other version is one that has small corner damage to one or two of the corners of the print that will not be visible once framed for $80 in an edition of 61! The damage is minimal but i want you, The buyer to know before you buy it! Either way, Both print editions will come with:

One 8 color hand pulled silk screen Space Biker Print
one silk screen sticker pack of 10 stickers
one butcher kings book
one pair of chroma depth glasses to see the strange dimension of these things!

I am throwing in the butcher kings book because the glasses work on the images in there as well in making things 3-D

AS A BONUS! The first 9 orders will receive a 5x7 mini painting of a hideous little creature I have made for you! It will be picked at random for the first 9 orders! only available for the $100 edition.. The paintings are a standard frame size and can be framed very easily in a 5X7 frame!

I made these as a visual transport back to those psyche fueled days of old…Black lite posters! Heavy Metal! Reading old comics and smoking weed behind the bleachers at school…The 70’s nostalgia of the past..I knew my buddy Curtis Readel could give these the treatment I wanted on them..So that when you hold them in your hands, they vibrate with energy and have a weight that demands attention..8 colors is alot for one man to take on and he did it! This was a challenging project for him but He pulled it off beautifully! The chroma depth glasses only add to the experience by offering another dimension through which to view this monstrous print! It is printed on French’s starch white 140 weight paper! HEAVY


skinner the art of skinner skinner art art of skinner space biker silkscreen poster critical hit

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