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Fuck it, I’m gonna throw one if these in with any order.. Nicest stickers you ever seen! EVER! I want to share them. With you, you beautiful SOB! @stickerobot
CRIT HIT SHIRTS BACK IN STOCK! I’m throwing in this 4 inch high quality decal with every order.. Courtesy of @stickerobot the sticker makers from fine dark alleyways everywhere!
Rootbeer corn float unchi boys.
Hot and stankin’.. Wednesday at noon. Run of 3
From the genius mind of @paulkaiju
Welcome to fuzz town! AKA ELI’s mile high club where I just bought these 3 paintings from      @Andreibouzikov who is having a show here and some bands are playing! Get your ass over here if you’re in Oakland!!!
SF got some rebels still!!! REBEL BOYS TURNT UP!!
Somebody lose this car? This one showed up this morning.. Fresh new air condition holes in it. Probably get it pretty cheap
Same with this one. $200.. Email me.
Dug out the epic masks. I have only 2. I’m gonna post the other one.. They are 17 inches tall. Email me if you are interested. $200 includes shipping..ready to hang
Someone got down in the Bart station last night! Hell yeah
The clone demands attention. ATTENTION!! AND THEN TO BE IMMEDIATELY LEFT ALONE!! Thus is the will of THE CLONE!
Little beginning to a giant drawing. Home project so the clone doesn’t feel neglected.
If this is what you are looking for then you should go to @thegreasediner in Oakland on San Pablo and 66th they have amazing shit!