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First mural I saw when I got to pdx was this.. I love it. It’s slender man!! But it looks like they didn’t finish! Come back and finish your goddamn slender man, kid!!!
Miss you pdx! Miss your slender ass
Doesn’t it look so beautiful? Until next year my friends! My friends who hide secretly under the tunnels made by half fish cosmic gypsy crags!! Crags that dwell beneath the cold alien sea of…. YOUR MINDS!
I bought this beautiful tsathoggua woodcut print! Liv Rainey-Smith!She’s incredible! Check her out on she has so many amazing monster prints!
They’re giving out these rad kittens at the lovecraft film fest!!! FUCKING STOKED!!! I will name it shlaargux the snuggle god! MY NEW FRIEND!!!
Time to sit back and CHYLL!
Hanging with @werkaanzee @benjamin_marra at linework! NERDING!!!!!
At linework NW. This is basically where every beautiful underground comics genius is right now. I’m blown away and excited and fucking amazed by all these people. @ladyk_666 I walked through and got you everything you’d want my baby! Don’t worry
I LOST MY MIND BRO!! I’d like to dedicate this mural to all the amazing weird artists and creative people in Portland, the fact that there’s a lovecraft film festival here, a lovecraft bar and now finally I get away with this.. @sizzlepie @orionmustbedestroyed @kaygeeves @bargainbinblasphemy @bosssdog all helped me immensely and now I go to the film festival or line work NW I don’t know I’m having a hard time deciding!
Almost done! An hour in the morning and then I’m on my way to sit down and watch movies at the love craft film fest. Or try to see the line work thing where all the rad artists are!
Second day!!!
Seriously? Love her stuff.. Wendy Swartz
Wendy Swartz
Wendy Swartz paintings at stump town coffee in Portland are fucking amazing
Even got @orionmustbedestroyed to do my work! 
Got my hotdog game up!!