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Stay tuned for preorder news this week! @unboxindustries will be taking your orders and giving you magic in return.. Dan, I miss you already! It was a pleasure to be around your positive energy! Thank you so much!!
MY ROAD DAWG @sutfin leaving Austin with our brains burning with the inspiration of meeting heroes and seeing genius work by all the artists who had booths!
Had an incredible time in Austin with @miaangelina @ezrahaidet the genius cuties behind @middleofbeyond they took good care of me ! To my left is @z_taylor and his lovely girlfriend Erin! Zack Taylor gave me a killer original and has some killer resin and vinyl stuff coming out with Ezra! Austin has some good ones! Mondo con was an incredible experience!
@ropervision @richeybeckett and a section of my skull! Bad skulls club!
Then he let me lick it from far away. (It’s invisible) (Aaron Horkey’S dick is invisible)
@alexpardee get away from Aaron Horkey’s unit!!! Caught em in the act guys! WOMP!
Ok now it’s William stout, Arik roper @ropervision Richey Beckett @richeybeckett Ezra haidet @ezrahaidet mike Sutfin @sutfin @webuyyourkids
Ok now it’s Arik Roper, William Stout and Richey Beckett! Tune in live as I lurk!!!
You ever watch Arik Roper and William Stout just chill and have a beer?  This is crazy😎
GEOFF DARROW SAYS HE LIKES ME!! THIS GUY SETS ALL THE STANDARDS!!.. And if you were there yesterday during the panel about art in movies then you know how hilarious he was! Still so awesome to see @alexpardee up there with those legends!
WHATS COOLER? Meeting BERNI WRIGHTSON? Or the fact that my fucking neck can stretch like this? I tell you what.. The honor I felt after talking to him for a few minutes and having a chance to tell him how much he has impacted me was really touching.. And he let me hug him for a long time.. Got those little baby tear drops going during the whole time.. So happy to have met him!
BEHOLD!!! A critical hit warrior of the people!! @drewmarvick actor extraordinaire! Will be wearing the @criticalhit20 logo shirt in his upcoming films. an amazing dude! You can get your logo shirt too! And make your own movies! (I know you’re thinking of sex movies but that’s not what I’m talking about but ok maybe I don’t know ok yes sex movies) on
Solid gold goblins!! @ropervision is in Austin!! I love him, you guys!
With the wonderful Dan Willett @unboxindustries empresario come see us at Mondo con today!